Horror Chamber's Scream Queen of the Month: February 2017 - Ashley Mary Nunes

Ashley Mary Nunes is an up and coming actress who first gained notice last year when she starred in the Christmas horror film "All Through the House" and has made an appearance in 2012 film Inhuman Resources which was apart of the Fangoria Presents line. She is also The Horror Chamber's Scream Queen of the Month for February 2017. Click Here




PopHorror’s 8 Favorite Actresses in Indie Horror

Ashley Mary Nunes

Ashley is by far one of my favorite actress in indie horror and new scream queens. I first saw her in All Through The House and was impressed by her strong presence on the screen. She’s beautiful, talented, and loves horror… what’s not to love? She’s also in the upcoming indie horror films Death Ward 13 and Safe Place and I know she will kick ass in both of them.




It Came From Candi's Lab- Ashley Mary Nunes and Todd Nunes - Christmas Special - Ep. 2.9

Merry Christmas from all of us at We Are Indie Horror and It Came From Candi's Lab. This week's episode has Ashley Mary Nunes and Todd Nunes stopping by the lab to talk their Christmas slasher "All Through The House" What surprises do Candi and Hound have for the brother-sister duo? Find out here.




POPHORROR.COM: Interviews Ashley Mary Nunes, Star of 'All Through The House'

Recently, PopHorror had the awesome privilege of talking with actress Ashley Mary Nunes, an upcoming Scream Queen and star of All Through The House. When she’s not busy being stalked by crazy killers creeping around in a Santa suit, she is still a pretty busy lady with all her projects going on. Check out our interview to find out how she got involved in the film industry, her love for horror, and her upcoming projects. READ MORE




Fangoria: Exclusive Promo Photos: Find X-Mas Horror “ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE”!

Kicking off the season right this year is ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE, Todd Nunes’ contemporary yuletide slasher flick with a masked murderer and an array of up-and-coming scream queens. And to celebrate the film’s release on VOD, FANGORIA has several exclusive promotional photos that is guaranteed to get you in the horror-day spirit!





Today we are pleased to welcome actress Ashley Mary Nunes to the site in order to talk about her role in the new Christmas slasher movie All Through the House. Read on for more! 




Scream Queen Ashley Mary Nunes Talks, Horror, Cosplay, and more - Horror n Chill

Horrornchill.com caught up with Scream Queen Ashley Mary Nunes who plays Rachel Kimmel in  All Through the House. Check out the exclusive interview below where Ashley talks horror, cosplay, and more with Horrornchill.com.





With All Through the House being a slasher movie, is that at all a genre dear to you? 

"Absolutely! I was born and raised loving the horror genre. I can’t imagine my life without the gore..."   READ MORE



Kevin Hall's Movie Moments II: Interview with Ashley Mary Nunes

"I recently got to chat with horror actress and amazingly hard working woman, Ashley Mary Nunes about her career so far - here's what she had to say:

What can you tell me about All Through The House, and what was your favorite scene?

"All Through The House is an 80’s throwback slasher flick directed and written by my brother, Todd Nunes and produced by The Readmond Company. The film is set during the Christmas holiday. There’s a great story, lots of gore, and the creepiest Santa killer ever! You can now buy and rent from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and all major VOD platforms."    READ MORE


Pop Horror: All Through The House (2016) – Movie Review'

"... the performances throughout this story were impressive. Ashley Mary Nunes is gorgeous, brilliant, and relentless. I could see her becoming the next Scream Queen."



"Ashley Mary Nunes plays Rachel brilliantly, a great 'final' girl with heart and fire - the character also takes some interesting turns so stay tuned." -   


HORROR N CHILL Review: Santa Slasher ‘All Through The House’

"Ashley Mary Nunes gives a great performance. She is both a talented actress and extremely beautiful which are the two characteristics needed for a horror scream queen." - Tony H Cadwell


Podcast: BREAK IT DOWN SHOW with Todd and Ashley Mary  Nunes

They're back, this time together in the same room (no axes, chainsaws, or chicken cleavers), the Slasher Siblings, Todd and Ashley Mary Nunes have some fun with us promoting their Christmas slasher, 'All Through the House,' and announcing their new project, 'Death Ward 13.'



We Officially welcome and announce the new Miss Galactic, Ashley Mary Nunes.

Galactic Film Festival - November 8-9, 2016 at the Los Feliz 3 Theater in Los Angeles. Purchase your tickets, HERE today! 


Fright Meter Awards reviews 'All Through The House'

"The acting also needs to be praised; everyone involved does a great job with Ashley Mary Nunes as Rachel and Melynda Kiring as Mrs. Garrett being the standouts." Fright Meter Awards


Podcast: The Horrific Network talks with Ashley Mary Nunes

Ashley Mary Nunes is great actress and up and coming Scream Queen. On the show we talk about her experience on Robot Combat League, working on horror films with her brother director Todd Nunes and her love of Halloween attractions.  This is a talk you won't want to miss!


Say Hello To The SHOCK! Chamber's Very First "SHOCK! QUEEN of the MONTH", Miss September 2016 - Ashley Mary Nunes

For the month of September, allow me to introduce you to living proof that beauty and brains do in fact co-exist, Ashley Mary Nunes. I first met Ashley while covering my new favorite X-mas slasher film, All Through The House (read our review HERE), in which she is the star. Not long after we became friends via facebook and I quickly came to admire her for her many talents. Not only is she an impressive actress, she is also a HUGE comic book nerd AND she is Wonder Woman.


SHOCK! Reviews The New Generation Christmas Slasher Classic ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE! There's Nothing Silent About This Deadly Night, Only Screams...

"I was really impressed by the leading performance... in the future I would feel confident in choosing a film to watch that she's in based on this performance alone." - Danny Mozz from The SHOCK Chamber


Exclusive Q&A: Filmmaker Todd Nunes on “ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE”, “DEATH WARD 13” - Fangoria

A labor of love, and a dream of Todd Nunes since childhood, DEATH WARD 13 is now in pre-production and off to a great start and we have the exclusive behind-the-scenes pics to prove it. More so, Nunes, in between film festivals and production, spent some quality time with FANGORIA to promote his latest endeavor into the world of psychological horror.


Podcast: Break It Down Show with Ashley Mary Nunes

Our latest show features Ashley Mary Nunes. She's an actor, scream queen, bonafide badass. Check out her episode and learn about casting, filmmaking, and beating the bad guy.


Holiday Slasher "All Through The House" tributes 80's style slasher flicks with Eggnog and Garden Shears!

"The cast did an amazing job, I loved the role of Ashley Mary Nunes! She was seriously impressive, when I watch horror films of any type it makes me want to hit my television when acting sucks.. She was the opposite and it was a nice touch to this film!"


Horror Society REVIEWS 'All Through The House' 

"I really want to applaud Ashley Mary Nunes for her job as the lead actress... A powerhouse of potential that’s capable of being the girl next door with a dark and hidden agenda... I could definitely see her as a rising scream queen. " - Michael DeFellipo


The Blood-shed.com REVIEW: 'ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE' This is gonna be sticking with me for quite some time.

"Ashley Mary Nunes, takes on the lead role and does a fantastic job. I really look forward to seeing her climb the ranks as a scream queen and I can’t wait to see what she does next."